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Aug 03 2013

Tandy’s tale of success!

Tandy’s tale: A Senior Wellness Success Story!

Just two weeks after launching our Senior Program, a tumor was detected in one of our patients and successfully removed during surgery.

In early August, Tandy, an 11-year-old German Shepherd mix, came in for her 6-month senior health checkup with Dr. Tate.

We told Tandy’s dad about our newly launched Senior Wellness Program which includes labwork, a glaucoma check, and full body x-rays at a discounted rate for participating in the program.

Upon performing the physical examination, Dr.Tate found that Tandy needed a dental cleaning. He also identified 2 lipomas (fatty tumors) that could be removed while Tandy was under anesthesia for her dental.

Blood and urine samples were taken from Tandy for the senior labwork, a tonopen was used to check for glaucoma and radiographs (x-rays) were taken to check for any internal masses. Upon reading the radiographs, Dr. Tate found a mass near Tandy’s spleen.

The plan changed from simply removing two fatty tumors to performing an exploratory surgery to remove the mass. During surgery, Dr. Tate located the tumor and removed it. He also removed Tandy’s spleen due to the tumor’s invasion of the splenic tissue. After a successful surgery and a watchful recovery, we are happy to say that Tandy is doing extremely well. Her Dad is very relieved and thankful to Dr. Tate. Please call us if you have any questions about this story or would like more information about our Senior Wellness Program.

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